How To Choose Your Right Sports Bra For Workout Session

How To Choose Your Right Sports Bra For Workout Session

Publish Date : 10-03-2018 08:49

We all try to save our money when it comes to workout clothes. After all it is hard to justify spending money on them. But some workout things one shouldn’t skimp on and sports bras should be on that list.

It is a time taking process to choose the perfect bra according to your activity suiting your size. Ideally you need a sports bra for your workout session. But countless women especially in India go on wearing their daily routine bra unaware of the fact that it may cause problem in long run like breast pain or changing shape of breasts.

Activities like yoga,walking,stretching etc require low impact bra which offers mild compression and support during these low intensity exercise whereas medium impact sports bra are perfect for activities such as spinning, cycling,hiking as they are designed with compression encapsulation technology i.e defining different cup structure holding breasts separately giving strong support. High impact sports bras are designed to give firm support with maximum compression reducing much bounce during intense workout.  Best for cardio workouts, aerobics ,running giving full coverage to the breasts with side support.

We will share the list of sports bras that will convince you to add them to your wardrobe and avoid embarrassing moments including spilling out, bouncing or even showing off your tits.

Under Armour Low Mesh Cross back Women’s Sports Bra : With cross strap at the back they are adjustable to stay snug and comfortable to wear during medium impact activities. Made with sweat wicking fabric, this bra keeps you dry and comfy while you workout. Its mesh lining is breathable with soft elastic bottom band giving hassle free workout during whole session. This skin friendly bra is must have workout attire for every fitness enthusiast.


Clovia Seamless Racerback Sports Bra : Racerback bra has become largely popular among womens owing super comfort and support to the breasts. They have been designed in unique strap style basically T or Y style which gives back support fitting close to the woman’s neck. The unique styling allow racerback bras to not only support breasts but also give enhanced shape. Buy racerback bra by Clovia and enjoy its unique and comfortable style in every day wear.


Enamor Medium Impact Sports Bra : Workout will get a contemporary and trendy twist with this enamor medium impact sports bra. Pop on style this sports bra is easy to wear and is designed to give you smooth and seamless look. It is metal free and comes with removable cups and double layer finishing for perfect coverage giving fabulous sporty look which makes it your ideal workout partner.


Jockey Slip On Active Bra : Make you gym session flawless with this slip on active bra by Jockey offering great freedom of movement with excellent fit. Made of cotton elastane stretch fabric it provides superior comfort and maximum stretch. It comes in neutral shades that enhances its appeal. Double layered cups and soft bottom band helps to keep the bust firmly at its place. Its wide strap gives extra comfort and support.


Reebok Running Essentials High Impact Bra : This bra has been made with revolutionized technology to deliver unmatched support and comfort and seems to be virtually seamless. It is so lightweight that barely feels. This high impact bra by Reebok minimizes bounce and maximize support so that you can stay focussed while running. This ultra light bra is made with incredible soft fabric that gives allows freedom of movement through the shoulders.Moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry even in highest intensity workouts.


NIKE Victory Compression Pro Sports Bra : Sports meets style with performance-wear label Nike. With racerback design this women’s Nkie victory compression pro bra is versatile and everyone’s favorite. Add colour punch to your sports collection with this style statement bra. It has compression fit and V- back strap that gives you support while full range of motion. Stay dry and secure as it uses Dri-FIT fabric which removes excess heat and maintain proper ventilation.


PrettySecrets Zip Front Sports Bra : Prettysecrets brings to you bestselling sports bra that offers maximum support without sacrificing your style. With zip in front closure gives you an ease to wear it. Best for running, skiing, biking, hiking etc. With its moulded cups and adjustable straps these gives maximum support during high impulse activities. Easily breathable as it uses fast drying fabric F-Dry which easily absorbs the moisture.Using of partial mesh ensures perfect moisture management guaranteeing a cool and dry effect.


So now when you have list of sports bra to choose from it’s worth to buy it and make sure you stay feeling your best during and after every sweat session.

Hope you found this post helpful !!