10 Styles Of Skirt Every Woman Must Own

10 Styles Of Skirt Every Woman Must Own

Publish Date : 07-03-2018 22:35

When it comes to wardrobe essential we all have black dress,denims, white shirt etc but a lot of woman may not have skirts included in their wardrobe. However skirts are most versatile because they are very flexible when it comes to being dressed up or down.  Short or long, wide or narrow, colourful or monochrome, it is important to have them as they can be easily combined with any top or shirt giving you a perfect chic look.

Here are the list of 10 skirts which every woman must have in her closet as they are sure to come in handy when you are rushing out of the door.

  1. A- Line Skirt : Narrow at the waist but eventually widens up when it reaches to bottom. Flattering for all body types even for plus size as they hide your hips embracing more of your waist. These skirts are semi-dressy and casual.

  1. Pencil Skirt : These are figure hugging and relatively tight covering the knee.They make eventually good choice to wear at workplaces. These are the most versatile dress must have in your collection.

  1. Bubble Skirt : Bring back the retro style in your wardrobe if you love to add vintage look. They are perfect for quick brunch date or for casual office day. The length of these skirts are above the knees giving a playful look.

  1. Fishtail Skirt : This skirt gives you a perfect mermaid look, hugging your hips tightly.Be careful while selecting the right size. Match up with a compliment top which balances out the skirt.

  1. Wrap Skirt : Think of pencil skirt with twisted look.Get a super cute chic and street style look with this wrap skirt.Creating a perfect wrap style silhouette you can pair them up with zip up boots and clutches.  

  1. Boho Skirt : Boho skirts are stylish comes in many groovy style.Choose a sexy short skirt designed with modern twist and add a touch of romance to your wardrobe.

  1. Circle Skirt: Flaunt your adorable and preppy look with circular skirt. These skirts are so stylish and fashionable.Team up with crop tops and it will do wonders in your summer outfit look.Add combat boots and bracelets for toughening up the look.

  1. Gored Skirt : Gored skirts have been in fashion from early days. It is a popular that gives perfect flattering shape for all woman shape and size with an ease of movement.

  1. Broomstick Skirt : These skirts are either knee-length or ankle-length with a wrinkled appearance all over.These skirts are flowy, airy and most comfortable wardrobe essential. Pair them with simple flip-flops to get free style look.

  1. Mini Skirt : You can really rock your style with mini skirts. They are usually short in length barely covering your legs. So flaunt your your sexy legs teaming up with stylish accessories and footwear.

So which skirt would you choose? Invest in these timeless skirts and you will definitely thank us later.

Stay beautiful !!